No, that isn’t me – my photo will come later.  This is a blog about politics, where I will endeavor to share both sides of the argument.  Right now, I am seeing media entities from the far left to the far right share opinions as fact, and facts with no basis in reality.  And, instead of thinking critically about topics and leaving the echo chamber of MSM consumers are just turned off to the process.  But, I believe staying informed is critical, so I will endeavor to compile feedback from the full spectrum of media sources in order to arrive in the middle.

While I will attempt to be factually correct, occasionally my bias will show.  Feel free to call me out on that, that’s what the comment section is for, but civility and respect for each other’s humanity is essential, let’s try not to loosely use the word bigot or libtard.

Questions, comments, a desire to tell me that I’m brilliant?  Go ahead right down yonder.

Photo courtesy: jonstark66.tumblr.com



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