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Making a Mess, Using the Republican Majority to Prevent Trumpocalypse

Credit: New York Times,

In 2014 my husband volunteered to help coach what could arguably be labeled one of the worst teams in Utah little league football history.  16 twelve-year-old boys who had never played before, somehow all ended up assigned to one city rec league team, and my husband had the privilege and responsibility of teaching them to play, and more importantly, not to get hurt while trying to do it.

The first few games were a blood bath, our dejected and defeated team lost by 30, 40, 50 points and more, and didn’t score, or stop, a single touchdown.

It became quickly became clear, that we were going to need more than just good coaching, we’d need a miracle.  And, that is when my husband introduced the “Mess Theory”. Instead of focusing on tackles and interceptions (which our boys were incapable of mastering), he focused on moves which would disrupt: flailing arms, widened stances, drop and rolls, taking a knee, anything and everything the boys could do to get in the way of the other team’s progress – obstruct, obstruct, obstruct.

With that new approach in mind, the boys took the field, and Coach could be heard across the field reminding them with every play, “You don’t have to make a touch down, you just have to make a mess.” And, it worked. slowly, one game at a time, the distance between our score and that of the team defeating us reduced.  By the last game of the season, we lost by one point. Just one more game, and who knows if we might have experienced the sweet taste of victory.

That is what true Patriots must due in light of the Trump Administration.  We don’t have to stop him, we just have to make a mess. 

In the 2016 election, 130 million eligible voters DID NOT select Donald J. Trump for President.  In fact, despite his desperate Tweets to the contrary, he lost the popular vote by a greater margin than any President in history (1). And, millions more Americans will turn 18 every year for the next four years.  Within the millennial population, Trump is especially vulnerable, earning  37 percent of the vote to Clinton’s 55 percent.(2) And, Milwaukee County alone has an estimated 65,000 voters who will turn 18 in time for the 2020 election, and 92,000 eligible, unregistered Hispanic and Asian voters which are significantly more likely to vote in support of Democratic ideals in 2020. (4) And, our Republican representatives know this.

Looking to the 2016 election, you’ll see that many states where Republicans won or defended their seats relied on swing voters who voted Democrat but still supported Republican candidates at the local level – and therein lies our power.  Without support from swing vote Democrats, Republicans are vulnerable to defeat in 2018, and 2020. 

For example, look to Speaker of the House Paul Ryan who received 230,063 out of 346,355 votes in a District that favored Hillary Clinton by nearly 90,000 votes.  If Ryan plays too closely into Trump politics, the counties where voters chose Ryan for Congress but Clinton for President could flip, and statistically could do so in counts large enough to unseat the Congressman in 2018, and he knows it. This may be why Ryan worked so hard to distance himself from Trump’s bombastic campaign rhetoric.

 District 1 Clinton Trump Difference Ryan
Walworth 18,706 28,848 10,142 31,187
Kenosha 35,770 36,025 255 43,928
Milwaukee 288,986 126,091 -162,895 33,903
Racine 42,506 46,620 4,114 57,536
Rock 39,336 31,483 -7,853 21,878
Waukesha 79,199 145,519 66,320 41,631
 Total (2) 504,503 414,586 -89,917 230,063

To stop the Trump kakistocracy, we need to remind Republicans at every level of the sleeping giant that is the Democratic party, and Trump’s resounding defeat in the court of public opinion.  The angry majority must be ready to trip up Trump’s Cabinet with lawsuits and petitions, interfere with the ugliest part of Trump’s agenda at the legislative level, make noise, and disrupt every effort to violate the Constitutional principles upon which our country was founded.

Yes, Republicans have gerrymandered voting districts to such an extent that they stole the House and Senate in 2016 and put our nation’s political balance in grave danger. But, 2020 is a Census year, which will guide necessary redistricting, and Democrats won’t be fooled again.

Merry Christmas Mr. Trump


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