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Dear Elector

​Hello Sir –

Thank you for your sacrifice and contribution to our electoral process. Our democracy runs on the steam of committed patriots like you. As you have experienced, this is an election, a President-Elect, and a Constitutional Crisis not faced in this country since the Civil War.

As you have probably assumed, I write to ask that you follow the words and intent of Alexander Hamilton and deliberate with your fellow electors prior to placing your vote to ensure that you feel, in good conscience, and upon great discourse and reflection, that the following issues, which arose after the people cast their vote on November 8, should not impact your decision:

A. The overwhelming bi-partisan, multi-agency evidence of foreign election tampering (1); 

B. The lack of propriety on manners related to Presidential communications about and pertaining to the citizens of the United States displayed by Mr. Trump (2);

C. A sense of unfamiliarity with, or lack of respect for, Constitutional Amendments and the founding documents of our great Democracy exhibited by Mr. Trump (3)

D. The disinterest in disclosing and divesting the substantial financial assets held by Mr. Trump (contrary to his prior commitment); and his failure to honor his promise to disclose and separate himself from even the appearance of conflicts on 12/15, deciding instead to wait until after the Electoral College had voted (4)

E. His unilateral, ill-advised, approach to changing Foreign Relations as they historically stand and pertain to Pakistan, the Phillipines, Taiwan, and Russia in opposition to long standing, Congressionally-approved precedent (4)

F. And finally, his disinterest in, and complete disregard for, the vital security interests of these United States, as contained in daily security briefings.(5)

I respect that you are a man of honor who feels compelled to fulfill your duty as an elector, and a Republican. And, after diligent discourse with your fellow electors related to this new information, if you still believe that Donald Trump will support and sustain the intent and letter of the Constitution of the United States, then I will respect and honor your choice. If not, then I implore you to cast your electoral votes for Mike Pence, or Mitt Romney – men of dignity, honor, and strong Republican values, consistent with your role as a Utah elector.

Thank you,







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